If you're working as a solo act or in a duo you'll need a PA system that's compact and reliable.

Typical solo acts, duos and small combos will need to allow for one or two vocal microphones, backing tracks from a CD player, MP3 or midi player, as well as either acoustic or electric guitars and maybe a keyboard so only need a small PA system. A compact column system (right) is often a good idea - they have minimal feedback so you can place them behind you on stage, meaning you don't need a monitor. They're also very discreet, have a small footprint in smaller venues and are much louder than they look!

We would always recommend 12 inch speakers if you're using the PA for anything other than speech. 12 inch speakers will be fine unless you are playing a bass guitar through the system when you may need to consider 15 inch speakers. If you are playing at a reasonable level then we would recommend using stage or in-ear monitors - this really does help you to sing in tune! View monitors in the online shop


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