Micing up guitars and basses
Has your bass amp got a line out socket?

If your bass amp has a line out or DI socket, you can take this and plug it straight into the PA system. This is the preferred way for many bands.

Has your guitar amp got a line out socket?

This is not quite as simple as the bass guitar amp. The sound of a guitar amp is based on the amp and speakers. As the line out comes before the speakers, the sound from this will not be the same. Most guitarists therefore mike up their guitar amp.

Microphone type

For best performance, use a dynamic cardioid type microphone. You can use a mini mike boom stand rather than a full size one!

Microphone placement
Sound Distance from grill cloth Position Comment
Natural, well balanced 4 inches Centre A small microphone desk stand may be used if the speaker is close to the floor
Bassy 1 inch Centre Minimizes feedback
Mellow 4 inches Off centre to speaker cone Microphone closer to the edge of speaker cone results in duller sound and reduces amplifier hiss noise
Thin reduced bass 3 feet Centre Picks up room ambiance and leakage