Village Hall systems need to be very versatile, and very easy to use!

The type of PA system you need for your hall depends upon the size of the hall and the audience, and the type of things you need it for. You might regularly have meetings, quiz nights, fitness and dance classes, services of worship, Amateur Dramatic productions, single acts (e.g. singers or entertainers) or larger, loud bands. You will probably find that bands and Discos will bring their own equipment, so you don't really need to worry about catering for them.


You need a PA system that's really easy for everyone to use, something they can just connect to via Bluetooth from their phones, or pop in a CD.


The number of watts that you will need depends on a number of factors including your style of music, the size of the hall and the number of people in the hall (bodies absorb sound!). You should not have your PA turned up to its full capacity because any peaks in the music may cause distortion. Tell us the capacity of your hall and send us a couple of photos, and we'll be happy to advise. We've been supplying Village Halls and School Halls all over the UK since 2006.


Click to fill in our simple enquiry formTake a look at the Hall packages in our online shop, but every hall is different so it's probably best if you get in touch.


You might also need to consider an Induction Hearing Loop in the Hall if you don't already have one. You can read more about them on our Hearing Loops page.


If you need help, please complete our simple enquiry form or email - if you applying for a grant or funding that's not a problem, we can supply you with a printable estimate of everything you need to forward on with your funding application or to show your committee.

Village Hall Booking System
Finally, if you spend a lot of time managing the bookings and invoicing for Private Hirers and Regulars at your village hall, take a look at Your Village Hall Easy Booking and Invoicing System which you can purchase to computerise and simplify your own village hall process (demonstration opens in a new window).