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If you're choosing a PA system for a hall you'll need one that's versatile

The type of PA system you need for your hall depends upon the size of the hall and the audience, and the type of things you need it for. You might regularly have meetings, quiz nights, services of worship, Amateur Dramatic productions, single acts (e.g. singers or entertainers) or larger, loud bands.

The number of watts that you will need depends on a number of factors including your style of music, the size of the hall and the number of people in the hall (bodies absorb sound!).

Additionally, you should not have your PA turned up to its full capacity because any peaks in the music may cause distortion. As a general rule we would allow the following as a start point but we're happy to advise - click right to complete our simple enquiry form.

Type of use Watts per audience member
Meetings 0.5 to 1
Acoustic Acts 2 to 3
Duos 2 to 3
Medium bands 3 to 4
Large Bands 5

PA Packages for Halls

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We have supplied lots of PA Systems to village halls and know that everyone's needs are different. If you'd like to email us or give us a call on 01375 892317 to tell us how and where you would like to use the PA system, we can offer you the benefit of our experience.

Help! Should I be buying powered speakers, a powered mixing desk or a powered amplifier?

Should I Pick'n'Mix or buy an off the shelf PA Package?

That mixing desk looks really complicated! Is it hard to operate?

How do wireless microphones work? Should I get handheld, headset or lapel mics?

Can I have two sets of speakers in different halls, running from the same PA system?

Can you give me more information about payment, delivery and guarantees?


If you're looking for a PA System please fill in our enquiry form and one of us will call you back or email you some suggestions for you to consider.

We need a PA system for:

We want to amplify:
Speech CDs Keyb'ds Live music Other
The maximum audience is roughly:
10 30 50 75


200 300 400 600


The room/hall size is roughly:

Leave blank if not sure.

You can see photos of the hall on the internet at:

e.g. www.ourhall.co.uk/photogallery.htm


If there are no photos of the hall on the internet, if you can, please email a couple of photos to enquiries@whatpa.co.uk when you have completed this form.

We'll need some microphones:
Wireless Handheld Wireless Lapel  Wireless Headset
Wired Mics Microphone stands  
We'd like to put the speakers...
On the wall On stands Not sure    
We'd like to rack-mount the equipment in a case on wheels...
Yes No Not sure    
Our budget is approx:
I have something else to ask:
My contact details are:
I live in:

UK or Northern Ireland
Other, please specify


Please call me   Please email me some suggestions



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