Small office meetings and presentations

You'll probably only need a portable PA system for small office meetings, something you can pack away when it's not needed. Take a look at our Portable PA section or drop us an email for some recommended systems.

Round table conferences

For larger meetings and conferences where people need to take turns to speak, we'd always recommend a conference system. They're really quick and easy to set up, with just a controller, a chairman microphone and as many delegate microphones as you need. Each mic has a little speaker in the base so everyone around the table can hear, but if you have an audience you'll need to team it with a PA system of some kind, depending on the size of the audience. Drop us an email for more details or visit out Conferences page.

Larger conferences and seminars

If you're at a larger venue you'll need something with a bit more power. Let us know how many are in the audience and we can recommend the best system for your needs.


Don't forget the wireless microphones!

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