Portable PA systems for indoor/outdoor use

Portable PA systems usually run from the mains, or from their own internal rechargeable batteries.

They susually have a hole in the base for a stand, and are best used at head-height. Most of them come withwireless microphone receivers already built into them, and either handheld microphone transmitters or beltpack transmitters with a headset or lapel microphone.

The range of the wireless microphone is usually around 50 metres.They are usually on the free-to-use, public VHF frequency and do not require an operating licence.

Some portable PAs have Bluetooth capability, some have CD players built in and most have MP3 players.

Considerations for you are the cost - some are very reasonable, and some are quite pricey, there's not many in the middle price range! Other things to bear in mind are the weight of the unit, although the larger ones tend to have wheels and a pull-along handle.

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