Conference systems are both simple to use and beneficial

If you're arranging a conference or meeting you'll keep the attendees' attention if they can hear clearly what's going on. Whether it's committee members around a table, video conferencing, public meetings or a Q&A session we can help.

Everyone's needs are different so please fill in our simple enquiry form, call us on 01375 892317 or email  and we'll be able to advise you on:-

• Delegate and chairman discussion systems with wired or wireless microphones and speakers

•Amplification for public meetings

•Wireless microphones for audience Q & A sessions

We've supplied City Banks, Corporates, Local Authorities and Schools around the UK with chairman discussion systems and accompanying PA systems.

Click to fill in our simple enquiry formThe Conference systems are so easy to set up - the Chairman microphone plugs into the Control unit, and the Delegate microphones are daisy-chained into the Chairman microphone. The system can be set so the Chairman overrides all the Delegate mics, a fixed number of Delegates can speak at a time, or for a limited time ... it's a simple but versatile system to use. Voting systems, infra-red systems, and translations systems are also available.

If you need help, please complete our simple enquiry form or email or head over to the Online Shop and take a look at the Conference system items.