Your first PA system

Click to fill in our simple enquiry formWe can help you to find the best Public Address System for your needs. You've got to start somewhere so we've created the Advice Centre (left) to explain as many of the PA basics as we can.

We talk you through the difference between powered and un-powered speakers (active and passive) and the different kinds of wireless microphones along with many other PA basics like how many watts you need.

If you don't understand how Public Address systems work but just want to plug one in and start using it, don't despair - just give us a call or fill in the enquiry form and we'll help you at every step of the way!

You might need a system for speech, music or announcements in a school or a hall. You might be looking for wireless microphones for meetings and conferences, or piped background music for a warehouse or a hotel. Whatever your amplification needs we will be able to help.

Simply email, complete the simple enquiry form or call us on 01375 892317.

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Pick'n'Mix or an off the shelf PA Package?
As well as the individual components of PA Systems such as speakers, mixing desks, amplifiers, monitors, microphones and stands we stock a range of off-the-shelf PA Packages in the online shop. These are an easy solution for Schools and Halls because it's quite easy to work out how many watts you'll need and which is the right system for you. You can find the best package for you by following our guide, below. However, we realise everyone needs something slightly different, so give us a ring and tell us what you need to use the PA system for and we'll be happy to advise you and create a custom package that's just right for you.

Should you be buying powered speakers, a powered mixing desk or a powered amplifier?
It's a  mind-boggling question if you don't know the answer, but it's actually quite simple to decide. A PA system only needs one source of power, so you would either have powered speakers (they contain their own amplifiers and plug into the mains as well as the mixing desk), or passive speakers ... if you choose passive speakers you need some other source of power, so you can choose a powered mixing desk with an amp built in, or a passive mixing desk and a separate power amplifier. If you want to install the system (wall-mount the speakers and hide the wiring) then you are best off choosing passive speakers with either a powered mixer or a passive mixer and a power amp. If your mind is still boggled, give us a call on 01375 892317 and we'll help you to choose!

What you buy really depends upon what you want to use it for.
Whether you're looking for a PA System for your band or for a venue such as a school, a hall or a club contact us if you need any help with choosing the right gear for your needs. Don't worry if you're not sure what all the buzz-words are - we'll keep it simple! Alternatively, click on the enquiry form (above) for specific advice and recommendations.

Don't forget to look ahead!
When you're deciding what to buy don't forget to look ahead. You want to make sure that the gear you buy now can easily be upgraded when your band is successful and you're playing larger gigs! Venues such as clubs and halls should plan ahead too - you might only be doing quiz nights now, but what about in 2 year's time? You don't need to buy more gear now, just make sure that what you do buy can be added to and expanded upon in years to come, and that's where we can help.

Use this as a guide, or feel free to contact us by telephone on 01375 892317, email or enquiry form if you would like some more help or advice.