Choosing the best PA System for vocals and acoustic instruments
Obviously you'll need a vocal mike (for vocals or introductions) but your PA needs to be able to amplify your chosen instrument as well. In the case of acoustic guitars, this can either be done by using another microphone or, if it is an electro-acoustic guitar, it can be connected directly into the PA system. However, if the electro acoustic just has a standard jack output then it must first go though a DI (Direct Injection) box before connecting the XLR output of the DI box to the XLR (mike) input on the PA mixer. If you don't do this the guitar will sound very thin and lifeless. Please see connecting acoustic guitars in the advice centre.

Click to fill in our simple enquiry form We would recommend that you go for a mixer with built in digital effects (like reverb). This keeps the system nice and simple and you don't have to buy a separate effect unit.

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