School PA systems should be simple to use

What PA? know that most schools - especially Primary Schools - don't know much about PA Systems if they've never used one before. Quite often it's the PTA who are tasked with the job of buying one which can be very daunting!


At What PA? Jackie and her team have been helping schools all over the UK to choose and set up their new PA Systems since 2006. Don't be worried, we won't use any technical jargon - we can provide you with a pictorial guide for using the system, and we'll recommend something that's really quick and easy to use.


You might want a system where the speakers are permanently fixed to the walls, and everything else is on a trolley or in a case ready to use daily for assemblies and productions. You might want to take the system out with you to the Church or Hall in another location, or you might just be looking for something for Sports Day and Fetes.


Click to fill in our simple enquiry formYou can take a look at the School systems in the online shop, and also take a look at the wireless microphones. But every school's needs are different, so it'll be easiest to get in touch and we can help you to choose.


If you need help, please complete our simple enquiry form or email

We'll email back (or call if you prefer) and based on your needs and available budget we'll put together some complete packages for you to look at, containing everything you need. We are really friendly and helpful, so don't worry if you don't know very much about it - we will help you at every step of the way.